Reinforced Carbon Fiber Neck

 Guitar necks usually aren't the most interesting conversation topic. Most of us are concerned with what wood it's made from, purfling, aesthetics, and of course the sound but from a luthiers point of view and as a player the neck is absolutely critical to the overall functionality and playability of the instrument.

  Anyone that has played any kind of guitar that has neck issues such as warping will know the anguish of tuning and retuning constantly and never being able to get your guitar truly in-tune.

 People travel or have their instruments transported, thus subjecting their instruments to wildly varying temperatures and humidity, So in addition to being beautiful and musical, the guitar is of course durable enough to handle the rigors of real-world use.

 Reinforced necks are necessary, it's like insurance - you never think it's useful until you really need it, then you're really happy and grateful you have it.

 The use of carbon fiber in guitar necks and other parts of the guitar has been growing in popularity over the years and for good reason. Carbon fiber exhibits some wonderful qualities that lend themselves to the making of fine handmade instrument and can offer the luthier some great options for adding strength and stability without unwanted mass. Some of these great qualities include light weight, great stiffness, resistance to creep, and stability.

 Carbon fiber (or graphite fiber) consists of carbon atoms combined together in crystals parallel to the long axis. Several thousand carbon fibers are combined to form a Tow (shown in the photo to right) which can be woven into a fabric or used in other ways. The crystalline structure, aligned along the long axis give the material incredible strength for its weight.

 In general,Our carbon fiber neck rods are stronger than an equivalent volume of steel.Carbon fiber rods can supplement an adjustable truss rod to help prevent neck twisting.Short sections can be installed to reinforce the base of a peghead, formed with heat and pressure in an epoxy base, carbon fiber adds little weight, but adds significant stiffness.

 We have added this structure to our new products, I think it's worth trying!

Let's Hear the Sound of a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Neck Guitar

WINZZ ACG118-39 Inch Classical Guitar sound sample

WINZZ ACM27 39-Inch Classical Guitar Sound Sample

WINZZ AF485CE 41-Inch Acoustic Guitar Sound Sample

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