Learning To Play a Musical Instrument - Why Chooese The Guitar?

After the outbreak of COVID-19, many people have the idea of learning musical instruments, learning musical instruments, producing beautiful sounds between their fingers, making people feel happy and motivated to learn, and can achieve certain results in a short period of time. So learning an instrument is a great idea.

With the idea of learning a musical instrument, choosing what musical instrument to learn has become a new problem. What I want to share with you is learning a musical instrument, why choose guitar?

The guitar is undeniably one of the most commonly played musical instruments around the world. It is popular for various reasons, such as its ease of learning. Not only this, the sound from the guitar is beautifully unique and very entertaining. Thus, if you are thinking of learning a musical instrument, you can easily opt for a basic guitar lesson online. Here are some reasons why learning the guitar is a great choice.

Learning a musical instrument takes effort. You would need to be consistent and determined to go beyond the rusty level of a beginner. And to become an expert, you must be prepared to learn from experts and go through the rigours of training. However, the guitar is quite easy to learn, compared to many other musical instruments. Just by learning the main chords, you can already perform some basic stunts for your friends. People who want to learn to play their favourite songs enjoy using the guitar, because most songs involve similar chord progressions.

You can sing and play the guitar simultaneously

Indeed, singing and playing the guitar go hand in hand. Unlike many other instruments, you can play the guitar and also improve your vocals alongside. Seeing your favourite singers accompany their performances with their guitar look effortless and impressive.

There are many benefits to learning guitar.

  • Improves Your Memory

A government-commissioned study has found that learning to play the guitar at school improves children's behaviour, memory and intelligence.

  • Enhances Your Creativity

Creating your own music through improvisation or songwriting makes great use of your creativity. It's so much fun and incredibly rewarding to create your own melodies.

  • Enhances Your Coordination

Playing an instrument requires a certain level of hand-eye coordination, which is of course developed with practice. Reading guitar tablature and/or music involves your brain converting that information into specific motor patterns.

  • Sharpens Your Concentration

Playing the guitar requires you to focus on a lot of aspects simultaneously, ie. pitch, timing, rhythm, fingering, etc. The more you practice your mental muscle of concentration, the easier it becomes.

  •  Increases Your Confidence & Self Esteem

It's easy to set small goals in music, for example finishing a piece or just playing through to the end of a line of music, which when accomplished will give you a great sense of achievement.

Please try it boldly, the sound of the guitar will bring you a good mood!WINZZ guitars are equipped with the necessary accessories for everyone and there is a one-month free course. I believe that if you choose WINZZ, learning guitar will get twice the result with half the effort. Everyone can have their own stage, which is also our purpose.

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