How to choose A Guitar as a gift?

How to choose A Guitar as a gift?

1st.Size of guitar

 This depends on the age and size of guitarist. If you are buying the guitar for someone who is young and small or who has reached their adult size and is naturally small, Or you want to carry it out easily,you might want to consider a smaller scaled guitar than is standard.36- inch guitar is a good choice.

 The growth rate of children is always very fast, so beware that the best sized guitar for a growing child may not be the one that immediately fits.

Classical guitar size choice:


Height (cm)

Recommended Size

2 - 5

75 - 100 

1/4 Size

5 - 8 

100 - 125 

1/2 Size

8 - 12

125 - 165

3/4 Size 


165 +

Full Size


Acoustic guitar size choice:


Height (cm)

Recommended Size

5 - 12

100 - 120 

3/4 Size

12 - 15 

120 - 165 

Small Body


165 +

Full Size


Make sure you don’t get a guitar that’s too small!

2nd.Acoustic guitar or Classical guitar?

For children, most cases the best place to start is on a classical guitar and there is a very good reason for this. A classical guitar has nylon strings which are gentle on the fingers, compared with the steel strings of an acoustic or electric guitar.

Acoustic guitars are similar in shape to a classical guitar but come with steel strings. This gives the acoustic guitar a much brighter and louder sound. The downside being that the steel strings can be quite sharp, especially to young fingers.

2st.sound and strings

Acoustic guitar:

Classical guitar:

An acoustic guitar is a guitar that produces sound acoustically by “transmitting the vibration of the strings to the air”.The sound waves from the strings of an acoustic guitar resonate through the guitar’s body, therefore creating sound.Acoustic guitar has a much brighter tone due to the steel strings.Acoustic guitars are perfect for strumming and chordal work and have been used on countless records throughout popular music.However, acoustic guitars tend to appear most often in the following genres:Folk.Pop Music.Country.

The ultimate difference between an acoustic and a classical guitar is the strings. Classical guitars use nylon strings as opposed to steel strings on an acoustic guitar. This is where the major differences in sound come from. Nylon strings are a lot thicker and produce a more mellow, softer sound than steel strings.

3rd.Build Of The Guitar


The timbre of basswood is very stable, with quite mild timbre and good ductility.The sense of granulation is not strong.


The timbre is characterized by a balanced and warm tone with a woody feel.


The advantages of spruce are stable sound, strong sense of particles and rich layers. And also has bright timbre and good resonance.


Highlight the strong intermediate frequency and the sound is powerful.


You can also choose according to your own needs. If you have performance needs, you can buy a guitar with EQ.

Until here, can you choose the guitar you want?If you still hesitate, please contact us, we will give further recommendations.

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